First YouTube Video

I am very tired now, but made my first not great but full of potential and promise you tube video featuring a motivating and inspirational sunset

wine and bed nao




Despite epic silences on this site and blog I haven’t yet died or forgotten what my job is. I’m at a disadvantage in the world of social media in many ways, possessing the power of self reflection is a big stumbling block. What a curse it is to be about to post a picture of one’s backside and have to pause to ask “is there any point to this” or “should I actually have something insightful and potentially unique to say?”

So what is new? What has been done?!

The Sherlock Holmes novel word count is up to 8,476. Woo!

A brand new story is up to read for free! Read Criminal Memory now!

I’ve managed to get the site shop sorted out.

Still to do.

Work on the Holmes novel! Get that word count up!

The contact form is still in need of a fix.

The spam filters on the comments need fixing so I don’t acquire a backlog of 1000 adverts a day for bikes made out of Swiss cheese.


This is a marathon, not a sprint. Ironic for someone with knackered Achilles tendons, but that’s another story.

Stick with it, keep creating and drop in here now and again to keep up with my journey.


inspiring quote

Al Capone Bio!

Finally! Bacon has wings and the gates of the underworld are signposted with a recommendation to wear your mittens. I’ve posted the new Top Ten Mobsters instalment!

Al Capone

A reason this one took a while is that there’s so much information out there on Capone. Most readers will see a few mobsters on the top ten countdown that they have never heard of but everyone knows who Al Capone was. Add to that the countless movies about the famous Chicago gangster and you’re left with much more myth than reality. Of course, Capone wove myth around himself as part of the persona he presented and in many ways eventually became.

I didn’t want this Top Ten Mobsters list to be like scores of others out there so I hope people don’t mind waiting for these installs, hopefully the extra attention to detail will give you something you didn’t know before or show well known events, in this case the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, in a new light.

There was a little too much information in my research for the pages themselves so the e-book (coming up!) will be a slightly extended version of the site posts.

Really enjoyed doing this one so hope you enjoy reading it. Next up, Albert Anastasia a.k.a The Lord High Executioner. Scary name!

In the next few days I’ll put up some information about the upcoming Lock mystery which is going to be available in full here on the site. It looks like most people are finding their way here via Twitter, so I’ll try to keep “tweeting” new blogs and site content.


Sunday, Sunday

 Nothing like a Sunday to kick back with a little glass of wine (replicated multiple times), a little bit of banging punk rock in the background and some hardcore writing action.

If your eye-sight was more epic and my hand writing less terrible you would be able to read part of the first draft of Edward Lock underneath my glass of wine. The working title is “Witch’s Curse” ; the mystery being based on and around the trials of the Lancashire Witches. I’ll be finishing this off in the next couple of weeks and it will go up in full here on site, hopefully along with some pictures in and around Lancaster/the castle and giving you some of the extra history that didn’t make it into the story.

Tonight I’ll be putting up the first installment of my Top Ten Mobsters Countdown. We’ll be kicking off with Charles “Lucky” Luciano. So nine more mobsters to go, then the top ten hitmen and a short story inspired by my research on those articles and also the catalyst behind it all; the 11 hour mob drama crime fiction masterpiece; Gungrave.

So, Happy New Year. 2014 should be a good one and this is the start of me adding quite a bit more content here both on site and in the blog.




la prima tazza

Hi and welcome to the first blog! Still got quite a bit to do but it’s good to be here.

What better way to kick everything off than with Sherlock Holmes? I’ll be posting episodes of a Sherlock Holmes serial on site from December 1st. Via this blog I’ll be inviting people to write in with suggestions for where they’d like the story to go. I can’t promise to follow to the letter but I’m looking forward to having fun with the custom fiction concept.

Hopefully that will be even more fun because, as y’all probably know already, Sherlock Series Three is out extremely soon. No official date yet, though some bloggers are talking about January 1st 2014. I have to admit that I avoided watching this show for ages because I have an almost biologically coded loyalty to the Jeremy Brett series. Not that I oppose other versions, I just have to be spiritually prepared to watch them….that sounded a lot crazier typed out.

Sherlock Series Three

So at this point every self respecting fan has at least five Reichenbach Fall theories worked out. If you post a theory in the comments and it turns out to be correct, I’ll send you a shirt of your choice from the shop here on the site.

Pick any design you want, more will be added over the next few weeks. Check out these bad boys.

The Blind Bankeri am sher locked

Just want to finish this intro post with a big thank you to Lisa Thompson Design for making the site and putting up with me in the process. For any writers and artists who want to set themselves up online I highly recommend Lisa and Nightfire Digital because they really listen to what you need on an individual level and make sure they get you where you need to be.