Despite epic silences on this site and blog I haven’t yet died or forgotten what my job is. I’m at a disadvantage in the world of social media in many ways, possessing the power of self reflection is a big stumbling block. What a curse it is to be about to post a picture of one’s backside and have to pause to ask “is there any point to this” or “should I actually have something insightful and potentially unique to say?”

So what is new? What has been done?!

The Sherlock Holmes novel word count is up to 8,476. Woo!

A brand new story is up to read for free! Read Criminal Memory now!

I’ve managed to get the site shop sorted out.

Still to do.

Work on the Holmes novel! Get that word count up!

The contact form is still in need of a fix.

The spam filters on the comments need fixing so I don’t acquire a backlog of 1000 adverts a day for bikes made out of Swiss cheese.


This is a marathon, not a sprint. Ironic for someone with knackered Achilles tendons, but that’s another story.

Stick with it, keep creating and drop in here now and again to keep up with my journey.


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