Al Capone Bio!

Finally! Bacon has wings and the gates of the underworld are signposted with a recommendation to wear your mittens. I’ve posted the new Top Ten Mobsters instalment!

Al Capone

A reason this one took a while is that there’s so much information out there on Capone. Most readers will see a few mobsters on the top ten countdown that they have never heard of but everyone knows who Al Capone was. Add to that the countless movies about the famous Chicago gangster and you’re left with much more myth than reality. Of course, Capone wove myth around himself as part of the persona he presented and in many ways eventually became.

I didn’t want this Top Ten Mobsters list to be like scores of others out there so I hope people don’t mind waiting for these installs, hopefully the extra attention to detail will give you something you didn’t know before or show well known events, in this case the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, in a new light.

There was a little too much information in my research for the pages themselves so the e-book (coming up!) will be a slightly extended version of the site posts.

Really enjoyed doing this one so hope you enjoy reading it. Next up, Albert Anastasia a.k.a The Lord High Executioner. Scary name!

In the next few days I’ll put up some information about the upcoming Lock mystery which is going to be available in full here on the site. It looks like most people are finding their way here via Twitter, so I’ll try to keep “tweeting” new blogs and site content.


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