Sunday, Sunday

 Nothing like a Sunday to kick back with a little glass of wine (replicated multiple times), a little bit of banging punk rock in the background and some hardcore writing action.

If your eye-sight was more epic and my hand writing less terrible you would be able to read part of the first draft of Edward Lock underneath my glass of wine. The working title is “Witch’s Curse” ; the mystery being based on and around the trials of the Lancashire Witches. I’ll be finishing this off in the next couple of weeks and it will go up in full here on site, hopefully along with some pictures in and around Lancaster/the castle and giving you some of the extra history that didn’t make it into the story.

Tonight I’ll be putting up the first installment of my Top Ten Mobsters Countdown. We’ll be kicking off with Charles “Lucky” Luciano. So nine more mobsters to go, then the top ten hitmen and a short story inspired by my research on those articles and also the catalyst behind it all; the 11 hour mob drama crime fiction masterpiece; Gungrave.

So, Happy New Year. 2014 should be a good one and this is the start of me adding quite a bit more content here both on site and in the blog.




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