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Hi and welcome to the first blog! Still got quite a bit to do but it’s good to be here.

What better way to kick everything off than with Sherlock Holmes? I’ll be posting episodes of a Sherlock Holmes serial on site from December 1st. Via this blog I’ll be inviting people to write in with suggestions for where they’d like the story to go. I can’t promise to follow to the letter but I’m looking forward to having fun with the custom fiction concept.

Hopefully that will be even more fun because, as y’all probably know already, Sherlock Series Three is out extremely soon. No official date yet, though some bloggers are talking about January 1st 2014. I have to admit that I avoided watching this show for ages because I have an almost biologically coded loyalty to the Jeremy Brett series. Not that I oppose other versions, I just have to be spiritually prepared to watch them….that sounded a lot crazier typed out.

Sherlock Series Three

So at this point every self respecting fan has at least five Reichenbach Fall theories worked out. If you post a theory in the comments and it turns out to be correct, I’ll send you a shirt of your choice from the shop here on the site.

Pick any design you want, more will be added over the next few weeks. Check out these bad boys.

The Blind Bankeri am sher locked

Just want to finish this intro post with a big thank you to Lisa Thompson Design for making the site and putting up with me in the process. For any writers and artists who want to set themselves up online I highly recommend Lisa and Nightfire Digital because they really listen to what you need on an individual level and make sure they get you where you need to be.

hackenpaste says:

Ello Stef.. I wrote some Sherlock parody TV guide descriptions, copied here for your displeasure

“Sherlock S27E02: “The Man With The Twisted Skype Account”:
Dr Watson finds his PTSD can be repressed through intergalactic war. Meanwhile, having been brought back to life for the 15th time, Sherlock will only communicate by painting Union Jacks onto peas and screaming the word “deduce” in increasingly patronising tones.
Mycroft spends 45 minutes looking for Indochina on Google Earth, while Mrs Hudson has sex with a goat. A villian (who is both incredibly camp and extremely foreign) is stealing all of London’s precious blue plaques!”

“Sherlock S53E01: “The Deadheaded League”:
While investigating where babies come from, Holmes is incarcerated in France and subjected to psychoanalysis in a vain attempt to “cure” him of his autism. In a bid to secure his freedom, Watson grabs his alpenhorn and heads to the World Health Organisation in Geneva to present a paper on the Epigenetics of Autism Spectrum Disorders, but his moustache proves too distracting for the audience and he is forced to fall back on Victorian era phrenology. Shouting about the “lobes of the aspie” being “superior to the ear of the criminal underclass” he is dragged away for hate crimes and fired from a clown’s novelty cannon.

Meanwhile, back in Blighty, Inspector Lestrade’s birthday party at the local boozer (“The Queen’s Vag”) takes a turn for the awkward when he describes logical deduction as “easy, like lots of words flying at you”. Molly’s new boyfriend is revealed to be a copy of The Telegraph, wrapped in a copy of The Guardian, with mobile phones for legs and a Twitter account for a face. Mycroft (dressed as a Hottentot and carrying a corgi under each arm) drunkenly boasts his orchestration of the UK porn filter “for a laugh”. Moriarty, in a fit of evil oneupmanship, travels back to 1973 dressed as Jimmy Savile and molests the whole country. Ooh the rogue!”

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