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First YouTube Video

I am very tired now, but made my first not great but full of potential and promise you tube video featuring a motivating and inspirational sunset … wine and bed nao     Tweet


Despite epic silences on this site and blog I haven’t yet died or forgotten what my job is. I’m at a disadvantage in the world of social media in many ways, possessing the power of self reflection is a big stumbling block. What a curse it is to be about to post a picture of […]

Al Capone Bio!

Finally! Bacon has wings and the gates of the underworld are signposted with a recommendation to wear your mittens. I’ve posted the new Top Ten Mobsters instalment! Al Capone A reason this one took a while is that there’s so much information out there on Capone. Most readers will see a few mobsters on the […]

Sunday, Sunday

 Nothing like a Sunday to kick back with a little glass of wine (replicated multiple times), a little bit of banging punk rock in the background and some hardcore writing action. If your eye-sight was more epic and my hand writing less terrible you would be able to read part of the first draft of […]

la prima tazza

Hi and welcome to the first blog! Still got quite a bit to do but it’s good to be here. What better way to kick everything off than with Sherlock Holmes? I’ll be posting episodes of a Sherlock Holmes serial on site from December 1st. Via this blog I’ll be inviting people to write in […]