Mafia Biographies

Mafia Biographies – Albert Anastasia

Albert “Lord High Executioner” Anastasia. Albert Anastasia was boss of one of the original five crime families in New York. Although he was suspected of involvement in many murders witnesses either did not testify or mysteriously disappeared. For a decade he ran the notorious hit squad Murder Incorporated which may have carried out over a […]

Mafia Biographies – Al Capone

Al “Scarface” Capone. Early Life. Al Capone, born Alphonse Gabriel Capone, is often referred to as the most famous gangster in history. Capone dominated Chicago during the prohibition era; combining a flashy and extravagant persona with the brutality and violence necessary to succeed in the criminal underworld. His enduring notoriety stemmed from the Saint Valentine’s […]

Mafia Biographies- Lucky Luciano

Charles “Lucky” Luciano. Charles Lucky Luciano was born Salvatore Luciana on November 24th 1897 in Lercara Friddi, Sicily. At the age of ten he moved to the United States with his parents and siblings perhaps unaware then that he was destined to change the face of the Mafia (or La Cosa Nostra) in America. He […]