Procrastination is the key, not the enemy.

Everyone has the potential to be much greater than they are now in every way. More productive, more successful, healthier, a world class rocket scientist..well, maybe that last one is a bit of a stretch.

Seriously though, if you could achieve more, be more and enjoy more without working yourself into the ground, wouldn’t you choose to do that? What’s the deal with that person that gets more done in a week than you do in a year?

Step 1. Acceptance.

Being motivated, organized and taking action on a consistent basis is far better than getting mired in procrastination. There’s no doubt that those people who never waste time and are constantly fired up to channel their efforts in an effective way are going to be getting the most results.

You can’t eliminate the urge to procrastinate, it occurs naturally in everyone and you have to decide how to handle it.

Procrastination is an essential element of the road to being motivated and successful, not a road block as most people regard it.

“Success gurus” try to make people think that they are superior beings who don’t experience the urge to procrastinate. They can tell you their secrets, for a fee.

Believing that you are inferior or lack some essential element that would enable you to get things done is incredibly destructive to yourself.

Human beings all over the world are getting it done right now and they all have different personalities, educational backgrounds and goals. They didn’t have to ask permission from a higher elite being to unlock a secret. They simply followed the steps I explain here.

Step 2. Recognise Potential.

When you procrastinate, ironically, you become very focused. You become focused on everything and anything but the thing you want to ideally be doing.

The chances are if you have a big project you just can’t get around to working on you:

Cleaned out that room in your house that’s been neglected for months if not years.

Worked on a new or existing skill, let’s take an online language course, anyone?

Maybe you’ve got a really good completion time on the Zelda Trials?

It doesn’t matter what you used as a distraction. What matters is that you understand the potential in your procrastination.

You focused your mind and became productive as a result! Bingo! Now you just need to take the focus that naturally occurs when you have an idea or project on the horizon and DIRECT it squarely where it needs to go.

Step 3. Written Goals.

The most vital part of tapping into your procrastination is actually the easiest. You must make a simple plan of what you’re going to do.

The reason you choose certain activities when procrastinating is that the uncertainty of your project and how exactly you will fulfill the dream is not straightforward or something you already know how to do. It may involve research, trial and error and certainly a consistent effort over time.

By writing down a step by step plan you take away the uncertainty that’s putting you off. If you want to paint a picture, write a book or make some music you need to think about the steps involved in the process and write them down to form a map of what you’re going to do.

People who plan their day for ten minutes each morning are infinitely more productive during the day with no extra effort on their part! They just waste less time because they know what they need to do rather than aimlessly wandering along thinking,

“Hey, shouldn’t I be doing something to achieve all these dreams and ideas I have?”

Every day you should review your plan and set out to get closer to your goals step by step.

If you hit a bump in the road or have a new take on your idea that’s OK. The plan can change. However you have to have a plan to start with in order to tweak it as you go.

So there you have it. I hope this information has fired you up and armed you with a practical guide to making procrastination work for you.

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